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Max Selwood

TT 385K | IG 230K

Max Selwood is a content creator, presenter, and advocate for mental health, based in London.

With his dynamic approach to content creation, Max effortlessly bridges the gap between entertainment and advocacy, transforming challenges into opportunities for engagement and awareness.

His exceptional skills in editing, shooting, and hosting have not only captivated audiences but also attracted collaborations with illustrious brands. In 2023, Max played a pivotal role in Porsche’s speed dating series, an innovative concept akin to “First Dates,” where he chauffeured couples in a Porsche, creating memorable experiences. His portfolio boasts partnerships with notable names such as Bumble, Fanta, and Jo Malone.

After suffering from his own battles, Max is deeply committed to dismantling stigmas and fostering open dialogues around OCD, anxiety, and other mental health issues. His proactive approach involves engaging with the public, microphone in hand, to delve into sensitive topics with a blend of sincerity and light-heartedness.

Max’s mission transcends mere conversation; he aims to enlighten, motivate, and spread joy, proving that addressing tough subjects can be both impactful and uplifting. Through his online content and his mental wellbeing consultancy, Max demonstrates an unwavering dedication to making a difference, proving time and again that he is not just a creator but a catalyst for positive change.

Selected Clients

Bumble | Porsche | bCreator UK | Toms | River Island | Fanta | Jo Malone