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Olive is the acclaimed debut novel by author, broadcaster, and podcast host Emma Gannon. Published in 2020 by Harper Collins, Olive is a story that follows a protagonist asking the big questions about motherhood (to have, or not to have children?). The audiobook is narrated by BAFTA-winning actor Sian Clifford and hit no.1 in the Apple audiobook charts.

Praise for Olive:

‘It explores such an important topic with a lightness and warmth’ Dolly Alderton

‘This tale of four young women trying to sort out the dilemmas of motherhood … will bring relief and recognition to many. It’s a lovely book ― thoughtful, searching, funny, and (most importantly) honest’ Elizabeth Gilbert

‘Funny in parts, painful in others, thoughtful throughout, it explores many dilemmas, with characters who feel utterly real’ Sophie Kinsella

‘It’ll give a voice to countless women . . . a profound issue wrapped inside an accessible, highly engaging novel’ Marian Keyes

‘Gutsy and refreshing’ HEAT

‘It’s warm and charming and yet VERY brave in its honesty about having children and how that impacts female friendships. I suspect a lot of women will feel relieved and seen when they read it’ Holly Bourne

‘Thought provoking with a wonderfully relatable hero’ Good Housekeeping

‘A delicate, heartbreaking and delicious story that will bring a pang of delightful recognition to every woman who reads it’ Scarlett Curtis

‘Honest, relatable, and incredibly real, Olive is going to resonate with an entire generation of young women’ Louise O’Neill

‘In Gannon’s capable hands, women are not so much divided along their disparate lines – but united’ Pandora Sykes

‘Cuts rights to the heart of conversations around women and the stereotypes we either adhere to – or reject’ Cosmopolitan

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