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DB Studios is a talent-first, multi-platform, content incubator.

Diving Bell has played a significant role in multiple award-winning, record-breaking and generation-defining formats including books, podcasts, films and personal brands. We remain ahead of the curve and our unique insight led to a first-of-its-kind development deal with the UK’s largest production and distribution house, BBC Studios.

What is DB Studios mission? As a company who has always looked to facilitate empowering and progressive creators we now want to do the same for content. We will always be talent-first and it’s in our blood to fight for creatives and creators who want retain as much creative control and IP as possible – and we believe they should. We realise that creatives and creators hold the keys to great content and we want to proactively encourage those ideas to flourish. When it comes to trends in popular culture, creatives and creators know best.

What does DB Studios do? We identify exceptionally talented and progressive creatives from our network and support them in developing their ideas. Sometimes we partner like-minded creatives to develop new formats. Always looking to produce empowering content for the audience. We take those ideas to market and negotiate favourable deal terms that are always in favour of the creators.

What kind of ideas do we incubate? We take an entirely open-minded and multi-platform approach so we are interested all ideas from scripts to books to live to short-form digital content. In short, as long as it’s powerful, fresh and progressive – we’re interested.

Do we work with brands?
Absolutely. If your brand is looking to align itself with best-in-class, culture-defining creatives to create conversation-starting content – then talk to us.

Want to work with us? If you are a creative with an exceptional piece of work (or idea) and feel we could be a safe pair of hands to partner with and help you develop and/or take that idea to market – we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch here.

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