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Jamie Raines

YT 1M | IG 265k | TT 260k

Jamie Raines is a creator, trans man, and author, known for his quintessential humour and advocacy.

His content on LGBT commentary, fashion and lifestyle raises awareness in a light-hearted and approachable way. Named Influencer of the Year at the British LGBT Awards, and author of Sunday Times Best Seller ‘The T in LGBT’, Jamie has amassed a passionate community of over 1 million YouTube subscribers, 250k followers on Instagram, and 250k followers on TikTok, making him a leading figure in the LGBT+ community.

Jamie works individually as well as together with his wife Shaaba Lotun, with joint projects including their candid podcast 1 800 Drama, hilarious gaming live streams, and diverse couple lifestyle content. Their incredible relationship story breaks down stereotypes and reduces prejudice in a heart-warming way and has starred in Channel 4’s Bride & Prejudice, ITV’s Butterfly and more.

Collaborating with Jamie & Shaaba means aligning your brand with inclusivity, diversity, and intersectionality, reaching a vast prosocial audience through fun, creative, and brand-safe content.

Their respective PhDs in transgender development and parasocial relationships make them leading authorities on and offline. Jamie and Shaaba are available for brand collaborations, public speaking, diversity training, and consultation (including courses such as LGBT+ 101 & Intersectionality In the Workplace and Brand Diversity: how to do it right, even when things go wrong).

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