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Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe (she/her) also known as her social media handle ‘Bodyposipanda’ is a number one best-selling author, podcast host and boasts over 1.3 million followers across her social channels.

Megan is an eating disorder recovery advocate, unapologetic feminist, and body positivity campaigner. Her #1 bestselling debut book Body Positive Power has taught tens of thousands of women how to stop dieting and make peace with their bodies for good.

Megan has worked with various brands on empowering projects including her self-esteem masterclass for Dove and various beauty campaigns for The Body Shop.

Megan is both a fan of and good friends with the world’s most successful girl group, Little Mix. She was asked by the band to host The Search Podcast which ran alongside their hit talent-search television show in Autumn 2020 and she also appeared in the music video for the group’s body-positive hit single, Strip.

Megan created and toured her sell-out , all singing all dancing live show, Never Say Diet Club, to packed audiences in Autumn 2019. Co-created with house-mate, best friend and comedienne Joeley Bishop, the show was part TED talk, part variety show.  The pair are currently developing a follow-up show.

SOCIAL STATS INSTAGRAM: Followers 1.3M+ / Engagement 3.46% / Ave Likes 46k / Ave Comments 500+

Selected Clients

The Body Shop | CurvyCon NYC | Dove | BBC | BOOTS