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Florence Given is a 19-year-old Gen Z artist addressing social issues with unique and playful illustrations and an aesthetic reminiscent of the seventies. Hailed by Rita Ora as a “Feminist and incredibly empowering artist”.

Launching her Instagram page in 2017 as a platform to share her work, it has already amassed over 90k highly engaged followers. Floss’ work confronts the ignorance of people’s oppressive attitudes towards women and their bodies and uses her platform to raise awareness of issues surrounding sexuality, consent, race and gender.

Florence launched a petition to cancel Netflix’s controversial, fat-shaming series, ‘Insatiable’, it gained over 236,000 signatures in a matter of days. An advocate for bodily autonomy and challenger of toxic societal beauty standards Florence felt a responsibility to use her platform to insight change. The story became global news and Florence appeared on several News networks across the US and UK as well as being interviewed for various publications including Huffington Post and Grazia.

Floss has collaborated with Rita Ora, designing the merchandise for Rita’s Girls Tour in May 2018. With designs inspired by Florence’s own line of t-shirts and prints engaging an international audience with her words, encouraging women to boldly express their sexuality and identity. 2018 Love Islander, Megan Barton-Hansen, whose occupational history proudly includes stripping and glamour modelling, wore Florence’s tee which read ‘Stop Valuing Women Based on Their Sexual History’ to her Good Morning Britain appearance drawing yet more attention to Florence and her work.

In Autumn 2018, H&M owned Swedish fashion brand, Weekday, asked Floss to design a limited edition tee. Sold instore and online, the entire collection selling out in under an hour. The tee’s slogan read “WE DON’T OWE YOU PRETTY”. Inclusivity in the fashion industry is a big part of what Florence advocates for in her work, and as part of the campaign she hosted an in-store event on Regent Street and personally provided free tee’s for girls over a size 20.

Floss will speak on the teen stage of this year’s Stylist Live event in November 2018, London.

Photo credit Ava Fersi

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Weekday | Rita Ora | BBC | CNN | The Sun | Buzzfeed | Huffington Post | E News | Refinery 29